Jennifer Murphy

This week of saturation has taught me several things.  First that at anytime I can tap‌ into His presence regardless of where I am or what is going on around me.  I have free access at any given moment to be washed, cleansed, enabled and empowered by the Holy Spirit.  All I have to do is turn my focus on Him, be still and put myself in a position to receive, letting go of every concern or worry and open my heart to Him.  This supply of fresh oil never runs out and I am learning how to stay in the streams of His love.  Secondly, I have come to realize that this filling is meant for me to pour out on others around me.  They so desperately need the loveof God in their lives also.  His love is meant to flood our souls and shower those around us.  And if that doesn’t fill you with joy I don’t know what will.

“Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the mean who takes refuge in him. “PS 34:8


Jenn Holloway

” I was baptized, the old man is gone the new man has come”
I was supernaturally healed during saturation. As I laid on the floor the second night of saturation, I under went heart surgery.  I was laying there and heard ” move your arms, they were across my chest.  I moved them and I saw the hand of God touch my chest and the Holy Spirit said I am removing your ugly heart that’s filled with pride, anger, rejection, insecurity, and I’m replacing it with a new heart full of joy, love, peace, kindness, long suffering , security, and all the fruits of the Spirit. I need you to guard your new heart with all diligence for out of it flows the issues of life.  I laid on the floor and I would laugh a while, then I would cry a while, on and off for hours.  I know I was touched and changed by the Lover of my soul, King Jesus. I don’t look the same, I don’t walk the same, I don’t talk the same, and I don’t act the same. He is breaking my heart for what breaks His.


Felicia Pierce

What an awesome time in the Lord! The Holy Spirit was ever so ready to come individually as well as corporately.  I received more love, more teachings, and scriptures had new revelations.  I began to understand things that made perfect sense.  Revelation-knowledge on “This is That” and ” that is this”. I was moved with so much gratefulness that for such a time is that God called me to be a member of this body in Victory. Mary Song is a miracle for my life.  Just when I thought all hope was gone, He “God” heard my cry and saved me from hell and torment.  I enjoyed the ladies morning with Mrs Shelton, so mich transparency and love for God it just flowed over to all of us. I use the “finger thump” on and in my heart she use’s to listen to the Holy Spirit. Little nuggets I will use to walk closer with God. I am grateful.
Acts 2:1


JoAnna Williams

During the saturation weekend, I experienced several things, from Pastor Rick Shelton preaching about trusting the decisions and the timing of those decisions of God to Mrs Donna Shelton hugging me and laying her hand on my head saying “Get Ready”, Oh, what sweet impartations!” As I enter fully into the next phases of Mary Song and my relationship with Jesus, having those experiential moments, embrace me so intensely, is rather liberating! Furthermore, The Lord spoke to me again about the word ‘Suddenly’. It means to happen quickly, without notice and not having control or being aware of what is happening could be quite frightening, however, in this season of my life I feel so peaceful about everything He is doing! This new chapter is all in His hands and He has promised to equip me accordingly and He is putting me into position to fulfill His purpose.So I will fear not, for He has called me by name. And as Luke 12: 32 states, ” So don’t ever be afraid, dearest friends! Your loving Father joyously gives you His Kingdom with all its promises.” So yes, He has shown me His unfailing love and I have put my trust fully in Him.
#forsuchatimeasthis Miracles, Signs and Wonders!


Robin Kreger

Summer saturation was a continuation of the daily saturation that I have been blessed to experience at Mary’s Song.  The guest pastors were wonderful as was Pastor Frank and Kelanie. I received a fresh wave of peace from God. My scripture is Philippians 4:7 ” And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” So at this time in my life and the issues that I am dealing with only from God will I obtain relief and healing.  The peace is an inner sense of calm and assurance delivered from Christ by the Holy Spirit within us.  It is not based on emotions or circumstances but on a solid relationship with God.  When we commit our troubles and concerns to God in prayer.  His peace will stand guard at the door of our hearts and minds, preventing the worries and heartaches of life from robbing us of our hope in Christ.


Jamie Driver

My testimony is , God is faithful! Everytime the devil attacked Jesus prevailed! Jesus gave me strength to call out to Him, He gave me strength to worship Him and He hedged me in when the enemy was trying to get me to run.  God is good, NO, HE IS GREAT! Greater than the all things I’ve been through.  Greater is He who is in me, than who is in the world.
Thank you God!


Annie Jo Vitrano

What happened to me during saturation is indescribable. It felt like lightening hit my veins. I felt some chains break off of me on Tuesday night.  I was just in awe by the way the Holy Spirit was moving in my life and the body of Christ.  It was simply beautiful to feel and to see how the Father, body of Christ and the Holy Spirit works together.  To see signs, wonders and miracles come alive in the presence of the church was ever so lovely.  The Holy Spirit gave me tears of gladness and joy of the Lord upon me. Felt, like flutters all over my body.  Something I never have felt before.  Sense of peace, the Father’s love, His nearness of His presence and the joy.  I felt the Lord’s hand upon me and heard His still voice saying, Do not be afraid daughter, for I hold your life in my hands.  I will not forsake you, rest in my arms; for I am holding you up. Lift up your head and eyes to me and keep your ears attentive to my words.