by Pastor Rachel Young
There’s no place on earth quite like Mary’s Song! I have been here for almost 11 years and I never cease to be amazed by the supernatural nature of the Holy Spirit in His work of redemption. In a moment of time, He can change everything!!
By the time the ladies make it here, most of them are pretty beat up. To say they have lost hope is an understatement. All of their resources have been exhausted, but to their surprise Christ has prepared a place for them. As their condition bows them low before Him, He lovingly draws close, and in a moment of time, His appointed “kairos” time, His miraculous work of grace begins. With one touch, He begins to unlock and release them from dysfunctional habits, beliefs, and traumas that have imprisoned them their entire life. And His work doesn’t stop there! Over and over again, He inundates them with revelation knowledge of Who He is and why they were created, infuses them with supernatural joy, and leads them in one victory after another as His surrendered trophies of grace! Through this exhilarating love-drenched communion the intoxicating fragrance of Christ is released into the atmosphere and entices others to His beauty!
I love how R. Martin Pope describes this experience: “They share in the Conqueror’s triumph, not as sullen, broken-hearted, and doomed captives, but as those who rejoice to be His prisoners of love and are proud to be trophies which grace His victorious might. The source of joy lies in the fact that they are ‘in Christ,’ and so united with Him to partake in the perennial gladness of His victory. Out of this, springs a fragrance diffused through the air invisibly interpenetrating the community. To know Christ is to carry an aroma of beauty into the strife and vulgarity of human intercourse. In its fulness, we may never be able to unfold to others; but the ‘fragrance’ of it–the sweetness as of a hidden violet–is borne on the breeze and manifested in every place”
On the war-torn battleground of human deficiency and despair, the love of Christ is triumphant! That which has proven impossible for man, over and over again, the Lord accomplishes in a moment of time. This is such a moment. Behold the miracles all around you. Settle yourself and take it in. The fragrance of Christ is in the air…
Your love and support help make this possible! Thank you for fourteen amazing years!