MERRY MONDAY with Parris Bailey

“A shoot shall come out from the stump of Jesse, and a branch shall grow out of his roots.” Isa. 11:1

Who knew a shoot can come from a dead looking stump? This weekend our church put on a “Women of the Spirit” conference. What made this conference special was the speakers were from our community here at Victory. We have spent years together sharing our God stories. But there was another guest that came unexpectedly and that was my 90 year old mom! As I was in worship I knew that dreams of yesteryear were being fulfilled. Visiting my mother up in the mountains held many memories but living hundred of miles from each other for almost 50 years has been painful to say the least.

In worship my thoughts began to wonder about her father, my grandfather. There was shame about him because he met an early end driving while intoxicated killing himself and a family of five. One could only imagine how my mother felt and was treated when it happened being from a small city in Texas. I heard the Lord say in that service “lets reframe this story!” You see my grandad went to bible seminary, pastored a small church, but also worked various jobs taking care of his large family. Life wasn’t easy in the early 1900’s. Jesus said, He will not quench the smoking flax or crush the bruised reed. In an instant I was caught up in the Spirit and realized that my granddad, while tragically taken out, had a dream in his heart and I was the sprout that came out! His last name is Horn and God would make sure there would be a HORN OR TRUMPETER to live out my grandad’s dream. No no wonder I can be so obnoxious!

The incorruptible seed courses its way through dead stumps, even the travesty of life events to finally burst forth its green shoots. Hey little green sprout lean into your story, I bet there is some “reframing to do”!