Written by: Jenn Pitts Holloway

Romans 4:21
I am fully convinced that God is able to do whatever he has promised.

On this journey of life, we will face struggles, difficulties, and setbacks. When these things happen I go to God‘s word and find a promise in scripture and remind God what he has promised me.

Isaiah said, put God in remembrance of his promises. When I think of the dreams and the visions I have for myself, I know I don’t have the resources, the connections or experience to accomplish them in the natural, but I know in the supernatural all things are possible to him who believe. I start quoting scripture back to Him like, God you promised your favor surrounds me like a shield! God you promised whatever I touch would prosper and succeed. God you promised you would open doors no man can shut. God, you promised you would make a way out of no way.

I have learned here at Mary’s Song God is not obligated to bring to pass what I say, but he is obligated to bring to pass what he says. I believe when we stand on his promises, favor is released and miracles start happening. When I start speaking, God‘s promises over my life, my perspective changes . I become victorious through Jesus. I am strengthened. And I really can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

Scripture says God watches over his word to perform it. I believe God‘s heart is moved when I speak these promises back to him. I can remember when I got to Mary’s Song, God gave me a couple promises to stand on and speak over myself throughout the day; God you promise you have broken every yoke and bondage off of my life, God you promise the enemies I see today I will see no more, You promised who the Son sets free is free indeed and God you said you did not give me a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.

Every one of these promises have been fulfilled in my life today and I am no longer bound by drugs, alcohol, depression or mental illness. I’ve been healed, set free and delivered by the power of God. He is the promise keeper. He keeps his promises to us. What’s impossible with man is possible with God. If you’re believing God for a promise, a promise He has spoken over you, don’t give up. Stand in faith, and remind God of his promises, keep bringing it to him and you will see it come to pass.

Charles Spurgeon wrote:
When the Lord gives faith, and we rest on his promises, then we are brought face-to-face with God.
I trust that whatever he has promised me, it will come to pass. Don’t give up on your promise from God, keep trusting, keep praying and keep believing. He will not fail you.