Many women are trapped in a world of hopelessness, held in the bondage of drug, alcohol addiction, or destructive lifestyles resulting in a cycle of self-destruction. Mary’s Song Restoration Center for Women offers women an opportunity to permanently change their lives by the Power of God.

Mary’s Song is a twelve to eighteen month faith based residential drug rehabilitation program. Our program, consists of five phases in which the women receive a foundation of faith in Jesus Christ, equipping them with the necessary life skills to become productive members of society.



Holy Bible
Mary's Song

In the first and second phase the Women will spend six months completing 14 group study books. The third and fourth phase will focus on dealing with anger, fear, conflict management. They will also begin integrating into the community; by beginning to be a part of life groups and connecting them with a leader in the Church.

The fifth phase of the program is an additional six moths which continues to prepare graduates by allowing them to begin school, get a job, enter discipleship ship training school, or go to bible college. The fifth phase is optional but is also vital for personal growth, goal setting and learning how to make healthy decisions.

In the first and second phase, the women will work the duration of the program, and work on building healthy work ethics. They are not allowed to have outside employment and will not be paid while in Mary’s Song.

During the day, first and second phase students spend four hours a day in the classroom studying the principles of the bible in a group setting, and other books that are chosen by pastors and teacher.



First & Second Phase Curriculum

Our curriculum discusses a wide range of emotional and social issues the women deal with in their daily life such as:


What are attitudes? How do we develop new attitudes? What is the right attitude to have when being criticized or corrected?


What is temptation? Why do we get tempted? How can we prepare for temptation?

Growing Through Failure

What causes failure? What God does when you fail. Steps to recovery from failure. The role of forgiveness and restitution in recovery.

Obedience to Man

Why should you obey your leaders? Introduces guidelines on obeying your leader.

Anger and Personal Rights

Discusses why we get angry and how we express our anger. What are some practical ways to deal with your anger?

Love and Accepting Myself

What is love? What does the Bible say about love? What does it mean to accept yourself? What are the steps to developing a positive self-image?

Personal Relationships With Others

Discusses how to be a good friend and how to develop different kinds of friendships.

Third & Fourth Phase Curriculum

Our second phase curriculum builds upon what the women have learned during their first six months in the classroom with such topics as:



Celebrate Recovery 12 Steps

An in-depth 25 week study a Biblical balanced program to help women over come hurts, habits, and hang-ups. Based on the actual words of Jesus rather than psychological theories.

Managing My Anger

Teaching women to recognize and manage feelings of anger and frustration in an appropriate way. This workbook, “Anger: Our Master or Our Slave” is intended to be used in a group format with students who are learning to manage their feelings and behaviors accompanying anger.

Making Peace with Others

Teaching women how to recognize and respond to conflicts with others and equipping them to become peacemakers in difficult situations. This workbook “The Peacemaker” is intended to be used in a group format with students who are learning to deal with conflicts that disrupt their peace and unity with others.

Our Students will spend each morning in worship and in Bible study. Weekly counseling is provided to help them learn to understand their emotions, trigger points, and behavior problems. Students who have not received a High School Diploma will be required to obtain their GED.

For more information please call 504-822-1341.