“He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set eternity in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.” Ecclesiastes 3:11

On our days off, Frank and I love to take our tandem and find yet another river to explore. The day was perfect and all around us we knew that spring had begun to work it’s beauty all around us.  This particular river led us to the mouth of the lake. When we got there we were greeted by two bald eagles flying above us. I put my oar down, grabbed the binoculars and we was able to watch quite a show. Both of them flew all around us, soaring higher and higher and then lower and lower until finally we could see them no more. We had other things on our mind that day and I guess you could say, we got another perspective from those eagles. He puts eternity in our hearts, or in other words we have been given a ever growing capacity for infinity.

I like McClarens take when he says, ” A spark of eternity dwells in these fleeting frames. In our embers is something that doth live. Whatsoever befalls our lives, deep within this transient clay house, that must crack and fall and be resolved into the elements out of which it was built up, there dwells an immortal guest, an undying personal self. In the heart, the inmost spiritual being of every man, eternity, in this sense of the word, does dwell. We, brethren, are the only beings on this earth who can think the thought and speak the word-Eternity. Other creatures are happy while immersed in time; we have another nature, and are disturbed by a thought which shines high above the roaring sea of circumstance in which we float. That Eternity which is set in our hearts is not merely the thought of ever-during Being, or of an everlasting order of things to which we are in some way related. This ‘capacity for the Infinite,’ as people call it- is likewise the curse of many spirits. By their misuse of it they make it a fatal gift, and turn it into an unsatisfied desire which gnaws their souls, a famished yearning which ‘roars, and suffers hunger.’ Knowing what perfection is, they turn to limited natures and created hearts for their rest. Having the haunting thought of an absolute Goodness, a perfect Wisdom, an endless Love, an eternal Life-they try to find the being that corresponds to their thought here on earth, and so they are plagued with endless disappointment.”

Sometimes we just have to push away from the table of this world. From the clutter of human voices that never seem to finish with all their ideas and plans. Let me do as those eagles, let me seek to fly above the roar and realize that in me is Christ Himself.