Hello, my name is Rebecca Herb. Some people who read this will know parts of my story; however, in the past week, Christ has done so many things in my life that I need to tell others. When you look at me, my one desire is that you will see Christ living in me. For He is the only good in me. I have finished the Mary’s Song program and started interning there, but my flesh thought “oh, I’ve got this!” How wrong I was. I learned of a new hidden level of pride in myself, but by the grace of God I have leaders in my life that see in me the things I can’t or won’t see. They help me address and overcome these things. On my birthday weekend things didn’t go as I had wanted and this brought to light some ugly roots still hidden in me, but again, the Lord and my leaders are faithful. With their help, I was able to recognize the problems and take it to the cross, for forgiveness comes through Christ at the foot of the cross. God’s Word says, “I will turn the ashes into beauty.” So I asked the Lord to help me burn them. Well all who know Christ knows that He comes and does exceedingly more. He made a way for me to tithe for the first time, which is something I have been wanting to do. Then, to show how much more He is in my life, after 23 years of not speaking to my family, I got to hear from my niece Lynn who saw the Mary’s Song Facebook page and wants to hear from me. After a lot of pain, Christ is restoring them to me. So how do you describe your walk with Christ? Well for me, it’s breath taking. Come see for yourself.