“Ascribe to Yahweh the glory due His name; worship Yahweh in the splendor of His holiness”

Ps. 29:2

Recently we had family in town and decided to visit the WW2 museum in New Orleans. I hadn’t been to it in years and couldn’t believe how massive it had become. Building after building laid bare the horrible story of 65 million deaths, yet by the grace of God we as a nation pulled through. Even the day after I had a seriousness hanging over me as I recalled the stories my parents told mixed with the sights and sounds of that museum. To top it off my daily reading happen to be the book of Revelation. The Apostle John describes another apocalypse coming that will usher in the coming of Christ.

As we celebrate our nation’s liberty from tyranny, lets make sure we don’t fall under tyranny of another kind. Anger, rebellion against what our nation was founded on is leading us down a road of no return. Ascribe to Yahweh the glory due his name or in other words all that we do is for “the glory of his name”. Families may fail and most likely they do, careers and dreams fade away but our purpose on this earth is for the glory of his name. Our nation is at odds with each other, while the world at large is watching. We have forgotten it is for “the glory of his name”.

Thomas Brooks say when we live “for the glory of his name” everything is put back into perspective. God becomes everywhere conspicuous, and all the earth is hushed by the majesty of his presence. He says, “Look, as the sun puts out the light of the fire, so the glory of God, where it is aimed at, will put out and consume all bye and base ends. This is most certain, that which is a man’s great end, that will work out all other ends. He that sets up the glory of God as his chief end, will find that his chief end will by degrees eat out all low and base ends. Look, as Pharaoh’s lean kine ate up the fat (Genesis 41:4), so the glory of God will eat up all those fat and worldly ends that crowd in upon the soul in religious work. Where the glory of God is kept up as a man’s greatest end, there all bye and base ends will be kept at an under.”