The people that sat in darkness saw a great light-Resplendent!

In the vivid lifeless damp night came lustrous hope dancing-Effulgent!

Stretching through eternity flaming prophecy became ripe for beholding-Forceful!

Incandescent splendor overcame the ache erupting- Divine intervention!

They saw, they felt, they were changed- Bedazzled!

Shining Ears awakened to the song, glowing eyes reflecting the shine -Splendid!

Blazing Bethlehem star hangs in the sky pointing-Radiant!

Wherever the beam shone that night the shepherds saw a new world-Florescent!

Wise men ardent in their journey looked for another -Glowing!

Incandescent from the manger is a child found – SON OF GOD!

parris bailey