Since graduating Mary’s Song my life has flourished because of the faith in God and the reliance on the Holy Spirit that the program instilled in me. There, I learned lessons that still ripple throughout my life. Things like the importance of tithing and financing the Lord’s work, reading my Bible, and taking time out of my day to spend with the Lord are as important to me as breathing. These things are the foundations of my life.

During my transition from Mary’s Song to my life now, I went into the Bethesda Community. I had people around me that I could trust not to bring me back into the life I was in before. They encouraged me to move towards Christ. I lived in the apartments and learned the importance of being accountable. I had access to the leaders there anytime I needed help and advice. It was a place where I could make mistakes
In my everyday life, I am flourishing. I have a steady job teaching preschool at Victory Christian Academy. I am heavily involved in the Young Adult Ministry at Victory, as well as, the media team. I also sleep at Mary’s Song four nights a week. In the life I had before I could not do half the things that I do now. I am faithful to come to work every day and pay all of my bills on time. I don’t spend my idle time doing crazy things anymore. The most likely place you’ll find me is at church. I spend all my time in the community that is Victory Church and would not want it any other way. This is my lifeline to Christ.
I am forever being moved towards the healing of the whole man: spirit, soul, and body. I am motivated in a way I never have been before. I feel like I am fulfilling my true purpose: Being the person God called me to be, whole, sane, and never the SAME!!