Ps.46:1 – God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble.I woke up in a hospital for the first time this morning. The Lord is my refuge, he proved it when I first opened my eyes today. I opened my Bible and it opened (John Wesley Style) to Psalm 46. Wesley would open the Bible randomly looking for a word. Today the Lord was waiting for me. As I read the psalm I could hear His booming majestic voice with a visual of beauty flying before my eyes. He is my refuge, when I am aware or not aware, He is always with me. He is surrounding me and He is surrounding you with Himself. Here is a powerful word from Spurgeon on this verse. Pay close attention.“God alone is our all in all. All other refuges are refuges of lies, all other strength is weakness, for power belongeth unto God: but as God is all sufficient, our defence and might are equal to all emergencies. A very present help in trouble, or in distress he has so been found, he has been tried and proved by his people. He never withdraws himself from his afflicted. He is their help, truly, effectually, constantly; he is present or near them, close at their side and ready for their succour, and this is emphasized by the word very in our version, he is more present than friend or relative can be, yea, more nearly present than even the trouble itself. To all this comfortable truth is added the consideration that his assistance comes at the needed time. He is not as the swallows that leave us in the winter; he is a friend in need and a friend indeed. When it is very dark with us, let brave spirits say, “Come, let us sing the forty-sixth Psalm.”“A fortress firm, and steadfast rock, Is God in time of danger;A shield and sword in every shock, From foe well known or stranger.”Don’t be surprised or discouraged by this attack on my body. This is an attack on Christ and His bride, I will be fine. The Lord is with us in special ways in seasons like this. We will see an unprecedented breakthrough in our midst in the days ahead. The Lord will have His say – Victory (pun intended) belongs to the Lord. I am expecting three miracles beginning this week.The Body of Christ will rise up and do what she can do.A financial miracle of debt reduction through unprecedented generosity will happenFull healing and recovery in my bodyBless you – See you soon

Love ❤️ you! Frank!