By Tanya Dubroc

“But Zion has said, “Yahweh has forsaken me. My Lord has forgotten me-I’m all alone.” Yahweh responds, “But how could a loving mother forget her nursing child and not deeply love the one she bore? Even if there is a mother who forgets her child, I could never, no never forget you. Can’t you see? I have carved your name on the palms of my hands!

No matter the situation you find yourself in today know this. God loves you! He loves you so much that your name is permanently engraved in His nail scarred hands. There isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for you. Even if you have turned your back on God and ran in a different direction. God isn’t surprised by your running. This was a part of my story as well. Whatever the reason be you have found yourself in this place it could be grief, pain, loss or just outright anger and rebellion. Please don’t allow your fears, embarrassment, shame, guilt, or your doubts of God’s goodness and love for you keep you at a distance. These are all lies from the enemy to keep you in bondage. When God first called you to himself, he took it all into account and forgave you anyway. Past, present, and future were nailed to that cross. Nothing can separate you from His great love, not even yourself!

A word from Spurgeon: “No doubt a part of the wonder which is concentrated in the word “See, is excited by the unbelieving lamentation of the proceeding sentence, Zion said, “The LORD has forsaken me, the Lord has forgotten me.” How amazed the divine mind seems to be at this wicked unbelief! What can be more astounding than the unfounded doubts and fears of God’s favored people? The Lord’s loving word of rebuke should make us blush; He cries, “How can I have forgotten you, when I have engraved you on the palms of my hands? How dare you doubt my constant remembrance when the memorial is set upon my very flesh?” O unbelief, how strange a marvel you are! We do not know which most to wonder at, the faithfulness of God or the unbelief of his people. He keeps His promise a thousand times, and yet the next trial makes us doubt him. He never fails; He is never a dry well; He is never a setting sun, a passing meteor, or a melting vapor; and yet we are continually vexed with anxieties, molested with suspicions, and disturbed with fears, as if our God were the mirage of the desert. “See, is a word intended to excite admiration. Here, indeed, we have a theme for marveling. Heaven and earth may well be astonished that rebels should obtain so great a nearness to the heart of infinite love as to be written upon the palms of his hands. “I have engraved you. “See the fullness of this! I have engraved your person, your image, your situation, your circumstances, your sins, your temptations, your weaknesses, your wants, your works; I have engraved you, everything about you, all that concerns you; I have put you altogether there. Will you ever say again that your God has forsaken you when He has engraved you upon His palms?”

He is waiting for you to come home. See His hands of love outstretched for you!