Merry Monday by Parris Bailey

Song of Sol. 1:2 “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine.”
Are you ready for His Kiss? The Desire for Love-
Two dates will forever be in my heart. The year I was born again and married (1973) and the year revival blew thru my life and our church. (1994) We had been married way too long and pastored even longer, haha. Four children later living in suburban Kenner somehow had lost it’s thrill. I guess you could say we got lost along the way, and didn’t realize just how lost, but then the wind begin to blow. It’s funny how one can forget names, places and past experiences, but 1994 speaks out to me loud and clear. I am forever grateful that he took me aside to KISS ME! One night among many as I lay on the floor, I felt this come into my heart- “my religion would not sustain me for the years to come, to turn off all the faucets of my life and go to the bottom of the ocean.” I needed a crash course on love, the love of God to be exact. I had served him up to that point for over 20 years and had yet never fully understood his love for me. Actually I think it will take a eternity of eternities to even scratch the surface. I had to learn to rest in Christ’s love and solace myself in his kisses. To take my rest to the full. I am married to Christ to learn to look into the brightness of his loving eyes, beholding his beauties, and being ravished with his divine affection, letting my soul be satisfied with his favor. Let’s join Mary as she chooses the good part or John who had the best seat in the house.
Bernard of Clairvaux said, “If anyone desires to grasp these writings let him love! For anyone who does not love, it is vain to listen to this song of love or to read it, for a cold heart cannot catch fire from its eloquence. The language of love will be a meaningless jangle, like sounding brass or tinkling cymbals to anyone who would not love. The favors I have received are far above what I deserve, but they are less than what I long for. It is desire that drives me on, not reason. Please do not accuse me of presumption if I yield to this impulse of love.”
I have always pictured this Shunamite woman as someone that is almost startled with the discovery of this kiss. Like a child playing in the warmth of the sun rays looks up in wonderment at the sun. A kiss is warm and so very intimate. Pushing away the many gifts he gives us, we need to meet the giver of gifts. I don’t think a new born babe can grasp the love that he is given, there comes a time when he begins to draw us deeper into him. It is at this moment, she cries out from a deep place within, for his kisses.
I pray you too, will turn off all the faucets running, swim in the ocean of his love and let him kiss you with the kisses of his mouth. It is a very secret place that he calls us to and he is a rewarder of him that diligently seeks him. He is forever waiting……