“The Atmosphere of the Holy Spirit” Part One
– Merry Monday by Parris Bailey

“Do not over-indulge in wine–a thing in which excess is so easy– but drink deeply of God’s Spirit. Speak to one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs.” (Eph.5:18 Weymouth)

Below is excerpts from the book, “EMBLEMS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT” by F.E. Marsh.

The Amplified Bible says, “ever be filled and stimulated with the Holy Spirit”. Marsh begins to explain that, “being filled with the Spirit is not just filling to the full but the Spirit becomes an element in which the saints are to move, to live as fish in the sea or birds in the air. The Holy Spirit as we are environed by Him, not only fills the lungs of the spiritual being, but He environs to our protection.

1.The Atmosphere Sustains: without the atmosphere our planet earth would not exist. Breathing the air yields 3/4 of our nourishment, while the other 1/4 depends on water and food. Without air the plants and animals couldn’t sustain themselves. What the atmosphere is to this earth is what the Spirit is to a Christian. The Christian learns to live in the inner circle of the Spirit-for he is in the world but not of it. Even the Word is God breathed into us. Everything is held up by the word of his power.
2.The Atmosphere Presses: Were it not for the pressure that is on this earth we would all float away or explode! How we so need the Spirit to press in upon us all. When the Spirit presses upon us by his power, self is pressed out of the way and Christ is enthroned within us. He presses us in the realms of his truth, he presses us in the way of holiness by bringing conviction upon our hearts, he presses us by enlarging our hunger for him. He presses us toward the mark of his high calling. He simulates us by the promise of His Word, and he attracts us to the coming of Christ , and makes us long to see him whom we love. The Holy Spirit “fell on” or pressed himself all throughout the book of Acts.
3.The Atmosphere Protects: Just as meteors are broken up by the friction of the atmosphere so the Holy Spirit protects us from the things of this world. “Walking in the Spirit we shall not fulfill the lusts of the flesh.” As we stay within the circle of the Holy Spirit or live “under the apple tree” we will be able to defeat anything that comes against us. When we stay in the Spirit’s environment we are kept in the Spirit. Living in the divine we learn to look through the divine and therefore walk in love. The water spider makes its nest in the water but cannot live in the water and yet it does. The spider comes to the surface of the pond, and with a quick movement captures a globule of air, and then puts it in his nest and lives in the air. OH LET US LEARN TO LIVE ON THE GLOBULE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT! HAVE A GREAT MONDAY!