“And ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall” Mal.4:2

Christmas time is always special for Frank and me. Forty years ago I would have met Frank and by that August we were born again and married going off to Bible School. I never tire of all the memories of our walk together. Compared to my previous life without Christ, which was filled with misery, sorrow and depression; I can say these past forty years have been most definitely a “WIN WIN”. I am sure I have had disappointments, terrible setbacks and failure but the feeling I had when I was lost is over and gone. I am certain that when someone is put in Christ they can experience exponential growth. Matthew Henry says, “Their growth is compared to that of the calves of the stall, which is a quick, strong, and useful growth. “Shall be as frolicsome as calves of the stall, when they are let loose in the open field; it denotes the joy of the saints, who rejoice in Christ Jesus; they shall even leap for joy; they are always caused to triumph.”
Gill goes onto to say, “these usually grew fat, and so were the choicest and most desirable, to which the allusion may be here, and are a fit emblem of saints joined together in holy fellowship, walking together in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord; where they get spiritual food for their souls, and are in thriving circumstances; where they meet with the corn of heaven, with that corn which makes the young men cheerful, and that bread which nourishes up to everlasting life. Saints become fat and flourishing, being fed with the milk of the word, and the breasts of ordinances, and having fellowship with one another; and, above all, this spiritual growth is owing to the dews of the grace of God, the shining of the Sun of righteousness, and the comfortable gales of the south wind of the Spirit of God, which cause the spices to flow out.”

Christ says His yoke is easy and His burden is light. When we are planted by the rivers of living water we will grow in the courts of our God, even our fruit will prosper in it’s season. Being set free from captivity is liberating and it’s no wonder we want to dance! Our sphere of influence becomes broadened when we realize that we are transformed. Yes, my friend it’s a win win when you allow yourself to be carried by the love of God, you simply cannot fail. Walking in humility by staying within a local church, pressing into the word of God, praying in the Holy Ghost and surrounding yourself with strong believers all make for a win win. Forty years of being in Christ and with Christ makes me one happy, prosperous, fat, overjoyed, exuberant, fulfilled, blessed, peaceful and full of bliss. It’s time for me to dance!