MERRY MONDAY- Parris Bailey


Recently Frank has been teaching a class on Hebrews and I have been getting the overflow of that class from him. I love the 12th Chapter of Hebrews! And I love meditating on faith and learning to live a life away from the “shadowlands” (CS Lewis) All of us need to stretch ourselves beyond this present world and its belief systems. You never know, God just might have you in your job or your particular family to be the wrench of faith to unlock the people around. The Expositor’s Bible says “even the scientist knows his work will involve research, investigation, experiment. He did not sit in an easy chair, innocent of all personal interest, he had a hypothesis to test, he wanted to find an answer to some question. But this active interest, this hypothesis, this desire to know, what are they but expressions of faith, a faith that always demands a personal response to the known truth? To be sure, his hypothesis is often denied, but the denial is seldom brutal. The negative answer of nature usually carries with it some hints of a better way, a sounder approach. Thus his personal interest is constantly growing. The growth of knowledge is in part a purification of his purpose, his faith. But without his faith, his active interest, he would gain no knowledge. Man’s transient life in the shadowland can be redeemed from unreality only by holding fast to such revelations of the eternal as have been vouchsafed to him. How much more ought we to “hold fast” now that a “new and living way” to the heavenly sanctuary has been opened up for us through Jesus. It is more than hope, it makes hope operative as a present and sustaining motive for action.”
Luther called the assurance of faith the “steadfast confidence”. This faith, resting upon and guided by the holy scripture, is the organ within us of that perception of the invisible in and above the visible. Assurance is having a foundation being built on God’s faithfulness and his word.
God, please give us the “eyes to see how You see and to hear what You hear”.
Kelly says, “The mood of faith is that of a son returning to his home after long years He is nearly there. Familiar landmarks are appearing. Now up this next rise in the road and he will see the old place. In a few minutes he will be back again with his parents. Thus a believer, looking forward to his union with God, is assured that God will be there, waiting to receive him.” He goes on to say: Faith does not always assume the same shape, although it be the same divine principle working in man by the Spirit of God. Faith realizes things hoped for, is a demonstration to the soul of matters not seen. Faith scripturally in itself is simply believing God, accepting His word because of its all-importance; it is receiving the testimony of God which he has testified about His Son.
Open wide your heart and watch God open up your world to to the supernatural.