Merry Monday by Parris Bailey

“Bless The Lord oh my soul and all that is within me! Bless The Lord oh my soul and all that is within me and forget not his benefits.” Psalm 103:1-3

All that is within me. I love the study of the tripartite man, of his spirt, soul, and body. Most of us wander through life not taking a second thought of what is driving us. We laugh at doctors who say to eat better, get more exercise and slow down even though our hearts are giving out. We are driven by our fears, anger, and unbelief. But David here in this psalm of psalms arrests himself. He learned the hard way to say to his soul— bless The Lord. The spirit in him was commanding his soul man to awaken, take heed and bestir itself. What dictates you this morning? Let’s join with all creation as they start early with their Song of Songs, forgetting not his benefits. Duet 8:11 says to “beware lest thou forget The Lord thy God, in keeping his commandments and his judgements.” I know if we spend the rest of our lives reminiscing all what he has done we will never grow tired of his graces. In fact it will awaken and deepen our affections for him as we stir ourselves up over all that He has done. “A good man will rouse himself and coerce his sensuous and sluggish facilities.” (Interpreters)
I love this! “Let your conscience “bless the Lord,” by unvarying fidelity. Let your judgment bless Him, by decisions in accordance with his word. Let your imagination bless him, by pure and holy musings. Let your affections praise him, by loving whatsoever he loves. Let your desires bless him, by seeking only his glory. Let your memory bless him, by not forgetting any of his benefits. Let your thoughts bless him, by meditating on his excellencies. Let your hope praise him, by longing and looking for the glory that is to be revealed. Let your every sense bless him by its fealty, your every word by its truth, and your every act by its integrity.” John Stevenson.
Is.1:3 says; The ox knoweth his owner, and the ass his master’s crib: but Israel doth not know, my people doth not consider.” Too frequently injuries are remembered and blessings are forgotten. Will you take today and contemplate how he forgave you, found you and put his seal on you? Who can understand this love? Why surely it will take eternity upon eternity to search this out. Are you in debt? Are you sick? Has life done something to you unexpected? Oh reach in the inside and let your praises rise above all of that. Surely He will come and bring His comfort.
“God’s eye is chiefly upon the soul: bring a hundred dishes to table, he will carve of none but this; this is the savory meat he loves. A soul inflamed in service is the cup of “spiced wine of the juice of the pomegranate” (Song of Solomon 8:2) which the spouse makes Christ to drink of.” Thomas Watson.