MERRY MONDAY BY PARRIS BAILEY -“He shall come down like rain upon the mown grass: as showers that water the earth” Ps.72:8

For years I never realized that my engine was running low spiritually. I had all the basic training down as a Christian. I was given a solid salvation experience, received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in my life that helped me tremendously, and had a love for the word of God. When I found myself self-absorbed and fighting personal devils, I reached out to others and attended church every time the door opened. Worship was a part of my life, and my Christianity was my most treasured commodity. But somewhere along the line, somewhere in the great Christian journey, I had left the intimacy of Christ far behind. Sure, there are lots of reasons why it happened to me, but still how shocking it is when you realize that He is not to be found near! I am so thankful that God does indeed come near, He will step on your boat, rain on your parade or the Rock will fall on you. You can count on that, He will come and bring His refreshing rain over and over again in your dry seasons.
Come let us return unto the Lord

For He has torn us

But He will heal us

For He has wounded us

But He will bandage us

And he will come

He will come to us like rain, spring rain

If we ask, He will come
Send His rain on everyone

For every child (soul) needs rain, spring rain by Kevin Prosch


Getting caught up with the everyday hassles of life, raising children, making ends meet, bad relationships, dead churchs, angry bosses or customers-all of this and more cause us to leave “the beauty of the Lord” and start sweating and toiling all over again. Are you able to recognize the signs of dehydration? Grumpy, negative and critical just to name a few wonderful sure tell-tale signs. Get “under the spout where the glory comes out”, find your drinking hole, your secret place in the most high, asap!

“O how pleasant are the effects of rain to languishing plants, to make them green and beautiful, lively and strong, fragrant and beautiful! So the effects of Christ’s influences are most desirable to drooping souls, for enlightening and enlivening them, for confirming and strengthening them, for comforting and enlarging them, for appetizing and satisfying them, transforming and beautifying them. A shower from Christ would soon make the church, though withered, turn green and beautiful, and to send forth a smell as of a field that the Lord hath blessed; and likewise some drops of this shower, falling down upon the languishing graces of communicants, would soon make them vigorous and lively in showing forth their Saviour’s death at his table.” John Willison.

If we ask Him, He will come, let the spring rains come and heal my soul!