MERRY MONDAY BY PARRIS- “And the angel of the LORD appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush: and he looked, and, behold, the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed.” Ex.3:2 Everyone has experienced it, the day eternity knocked at your door. When our life got divinely, supernaturally interrupted. We were going one way just to turn around and go the other. Life before was dull, the sights and sounds around us boring and offensive. Everyday was another letdown and people just annoyed us. I laugh when I think of poor Moses! He too was leading an idyllic life shepherding sweet sheep, married to a great wife and having wonderful darling kids. He could almost put his past, Egypt, and his kinfolks all behind. Life was good until……that blasted bush chased him down. The commander of heaven and earth who never sleeps nor rests found him and had enough of Moses daydreaming his life away. McClaren says, “His former impetuous confidence had all been beaten out of him. Time was when he was ready to take up the rôle of deliverer at his own hand; but these hot days were past, and age and solitude and communion with God had mellowed him into humility. His recoil was but one instance of the shrinking which all true, devout men feel when designated for tasks which may probably make life short, and will certainly make it hard. All prophets and reformers till to-day have had the same feeling. Men who can do such work as the Jeremiahs, Pauls, Luthers, Cromwells, can do, are never forward to begin it. He works with ‘bruised reeds,’ and breathes His strength into them.”What a precious divine call Moses heard that eternal day! God called him by name and Moses returned the call saying ; “here am I”. Whatever was on the bush jumped on Moses and Moses left his quiet obscure life of peace and tranquility. I wish I could say his wife and kids were skipping right along. I wish I could say Moses spent his next 40 years laying around basking in his success. But in the middle of it all, Moses is looked at as the one of the greatest men of the Old Testament and he did what the Lord asked him to do. He was divinely interrupted! From the moment he was found floating in the river to being raised in Pharaoh’s house he looked for the heavenly reward choosing to suffer affliction. That blasted burning bush saved his life, brought him into his heavenly reward and delivered a whole nation out of bondage. What is your burning bush? Have you’ve experienced it? Embraced it? Or are you running away from your calling out of some stupid offense? Way too many Christians have left the business of the kingdom cause there so called God didn’t jump through enough hoops for them. Let the fire of the bush consume you!